• SmartControlWall

    Real-time Video Wall Processor
    for Command & Control Applications

    SmartControlWall is SmartAVI's most powerful Video Wall Solution to date. Featuring intuitive software for live display interactivity, SmartControlWall is an ideal fit for mission critical environments where dynamic visual command is key!

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  • MXWall Pro

    1080p Resolution Real-Time Video
    Wall Processor, 2x2 Screens up to 32x32!

    MXWall Pro is a complete video wall processing solution that sends up to 32 high definition video signals to just as many outputs in any configuration you could possibly imagine. A powerful, flexible, and essential premium video wall device.

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  • SignageQuad

    Send HD Signage to Four Screens:
    A Sophisticated, Cost-Effective Multi-Screen Solution

    SignageQuad offers SmartAVI’s signature easy-to-use functionality with four times the output! Send 1080p HD signage to four displays from anywhere in the world over the internet: it’s convenient, simple, and fun!

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  • HDMV-16X

    Sixteen HD Video Sources
    on One Display, Simultaneously!

    HDMV-16X sends 16 separate HD video sources to a single screen simultaneously for an unparalleled multiviewing experience. Simplify multi-video signal management and configure them to your liking: easy and effective!

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  • D2H-4P Series

    First DisplayPort Video Emulation
    KVM Devices on the Market!

    D2H-4P Series KVM solutions offer incredible 4K ultra-HD video emulation via 4-port DisplayPort-to-HDMI output. Control up to four connected computers from a single workstation with zero pixel loss and USB 2.0 peripheral device support.

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Video Wall & Signage Solutions

Create your ideal multi-screen video system with Video Wall and Signage solutions from SmartAVI! We offer an extensive selection of hardware, from simple signage players to matrixing video wall processors that manage dozens of signals in real-time. Contact us today and find your ideal solution!

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Pro AV Solutions

SmartAVIPro AV Solutions deliver simple yet powerful AV hardware enhancements for your ideal audio-video set-up. Choose from robust line of Extenders, Splitters, Matrixes, Switches, Video Converters, and Accessories for the perfect Pro AV Solution to fit your needs.

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KVM and secure Solutions

KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) Solutions offer users convenient control of remotely connected computers and servers from their personal workstation. An ideal tool for workflow management and supervision, SmartAVI KVM products include Extenders, Switches, and Secure options.

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KVM Switches

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Digital Signage

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KVM Extenders

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Video Walls

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Remote Power

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