16-Port RS-232 control hub: command 16 connected computers from the convenience of a single work station with this powerful data switch.



  • Control any SmartAVI RS-232 Compliant Matrix Switch
  • Local Master Control to Override Remotes
  • Compatible With all Major KVM Switches
  • Supports Mac, PC, and Linux DVI
  • Rack Mountable Solution
  • Plug-and-play


The SmartCommander system brings the control of a matrix switch to remote workstations, eliminating the need to control the switch locally. Each workstation is equipped with a simple switch panel, allowing the user to select the desired output with the press of a button. The system also allows for a master to control the switching functions, overriding the remote control if necessary. The SmartCommander system can be used with any of SmartAVI’s RS-232 compliant matrix switches.


RS-232 Data up to 115,000 bps
Power External 5VDC4A
Dimensions 17 in W x 1.7 in H x 6 in D
Weight 4 lbs
Operating Temp 0-55 C (32-131 F)
Storage Temp -20-85 C (-4-185 F)
Humidity Up to 95%
Power External 5VDC2A
Dimensions 17 in W x 1.7 in H x 3.375 in D
Weight 3 lbs
Operating Temp 0-55 C (32-131 F)
Storage Temp -20-85 C (-4-185 F)
Humidity Up to 95%


This is an example of what a setup would look like.
For more detailed information on specific models, call the number to the right side of your screen.

SmartCommander DVI Switch Diagram


Order Info

SM-SC16P Interface Hub between DVR16x16 Router and Button Control Panels. Includes: [HUB-DVR & PS5VD4A-WLLMT]
SM-SCHS Button Control Panel for the DVR16X16 DVI Router

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