DVI Extenders

Transmit DVI signals farther than conventional cables with the use of DVI extenders. DVI extenders by SmartAVI consist of a transmitter and receiver for extending DVI signals to up to 275ft over CAT5/5e/6 cables. With the introduction of HDBaseT technology, DVI signals can be extended even further to up to 400ft (120m) without shielded cabling. Installation is effortless as all SmartAVI extenders are plug and play systems.

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CAT5 DVI Extenders

SmartAVI CAT5 DVI Extenders feature enhanced range thanks to their simple-yet-powerful CAT5 cabling.

HDBaseT DVI Extenders

SmartAVI HDBaseT DVI Extenders offer enhanced range and quality extension thanks to powerful HDBaseT technology.

DVI Extenders over LAN

SmartAVI DVI Extenders over LAN offer enhanced extension within locally connected networks.

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