DVI-D Matrix

Distribute multiple DVI sources to all or any display devices with the use of DVI matrix switches. DVI matrixes by SmartAVI provide maximum source management while saving space by eliminating bulky cabling and excess equipment. It can support high resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 with programmable EDID learning for each port. SmartAVI DVI matrixes can be controlled directly through the easy to read front panel as well as remotely from SmartAVI very own management software and IR or RS232 commands.

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DVI-D Matrix Over CAT5

For distributing multiple HDMI signals over longer distances, the HDMI Matrixes Over Cat5 are the must-have solution. Using HDBaseT, users can route up to 32 HDMI signals hundreds of feet using inexpensive Cat5e/6 cables. With no loss of quality, and additional infrared switching available, these HDMI matrix switches provide the most flexible HDMI matrix options on the market.

DVI-D Matrix Accessories

For additional functionality out of the DVI-D matrixes offered by SmartAVI, there are helpful DVI-D matrix accessories available. For receiving extended signals over Cat5e/6 cables and converting them back into DVI-D, the SmartAVI DVX-RX offers a simple, plug-and-play solution. For extra control without needing to be next to the matrix itself, the IR-Blaster provides user-friendly infrared remote control switching and input device operation.

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